School     History

    Our school was founded in 1961 by the prestigious entrepreneur, Ku Pao Su.

During the past few decades, our school has made much progress step by step.Thanks to the perspective and insight of our beloved founder, all the alumni were well-educated and conduced under the excellent teaching and mentoring.

    The board of directors of our school is an organization of juridical person.The present chairperson of board , Kao I Su was nominated and authorized by the board of directors and Hong Tu Chen was engaged as president of the school. They lead all the students and teachers to the educational new era.

    In 1984 because of the rapid changes of Taiwan social structure, our original departments no longer meet the requirements for junior high school students. We thus made up our mind to reorganize our school thoroughly. Planning and preparing consecutively for six years, we had smoothly set up Home Economy Department,BeautyCosmetics Department,Child Care Department, Business Management Department,Tourism Department,Data Processing Department and FoodBeverages Department.

    In 1989, with the authorization of Taiwan Provincial Government, our school was formally reorganized as Private Ku Pao Home Economy and Commerce Vocational High School. Up to now we have made much progress and become better and better.

    During the process of reorganization, the number of students kept growing rapidly and the professional classrooms and teaching equipment needed further enlargement and improvement. Beginning in 1988,we had gradually constructed more and more buildings,such as Building of Study,Memorial of Founder,Building of Realization,school gate and the surrounding wall.

    In 1998,we had completely reconstructed the stadium as brand-new PU runways.It enable the students to enjoy a safer and more comfortable space.With

the removal of Ku Pao Garden and Ku Pao Pavilion, the waterfall,coconut avenue along with the school gate are like a beautiful picture rich of prosperity.

    In 1999,the board of directors decided to construct a five-story professional teaching building. Including AV laboratory,Internet center,library and all kinds of professional classrooms, it has come into use since 2000.Advancing with times, we are determined to carry out our beliefs in education and do our best to fulfill our responsibility forever.